Alex and Carol’s Wendy Wu Tours  4 Week Holiday in China.

Site last updated on: 20th April 2010

I am gradually building this site up.  Between us, Carol and I have around 3,000 photos of our holiday in China! Working on the assumption that you haven’t got time to see all that lot, I’m working through them to cut it down to a reasonable number.

Pages with photos so far:

Tour Guides; Shanghai; Shanghai 2; Suzhou; Suzhou & Hangzhou; Hangzhou; Wuzhen; Shanghai 3; Shanghai 4; Guilin; Beijing (2008 Olympics);


Keep coming back to check on progress!


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Just discovered that I’d missed out Tang Gin Mei, our Hangzhou Guide, on the Tour Guides page. The photo now added on there is the only shot of Tang Gin Mei that Carol and I have got between us.

Has anyone got a better photo of her that they could let me have for this site please? If you have, you can use the CHOOSE FILE facility on the CONTACT ME page of this site to send it to me.


Here’s hoping!!